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My name is Shannon Hale. I'm the UX Architect for Philanthropy Cloud at Salesforce.org, where I'm helping to connect more people than ever with the causes they care about.

I've been a product manager interaction designer, programmer, systems analyst, technical trainer, writer, editor and photographer. I still wear most of those hats on any given day.

I believe everyone should be able to access and use the web, regardless of ability or disability, platform, or device.

You'll find me on Twitter, LinkedIn and on the Salesforce Stack Exchange, and on email at shannonsansserif@gmail.com.

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Accessible Salesforce

Jesse Hausler (Principal Accessibility Specialist at Salesforce) and I recently presented Accessible Salesforce to the Bay Area Salesforce Developer User Group. Read full article: Accessible Salesforce

Technical Volunteering with Non-Profits

Engaging with a non-profit as though you’re working on a consulting contract can help manage some of the risks in this type of volunteer project. Here are some methods that have worked for me. Read full article: Technical Volunteering with Non-Profits

The Case for Technical Volunteering

While there are many affordable technology tools that can make small non-profits more effective, technical volunteers are needed to help set them up. Read full article: The Case for Technical Volunteering

An Accessibility Makeover: Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors

The Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors needed a web site that all their members could access and that they could update themselves. Read full article: An Accessibility Makeover: Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors

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